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Dr Lola's Veterinary Care is a limited House Call Veterinary service available to the residents of Modesto, Turlock, Oakdale (including Waterford, Riverbank and Hughson).

There are many reasons why having us visit you at home means convenience for you:


  1. Sensitive pets who are overly anxious going out on car rides or to the Veterinary Hospital.

  2. Families with stay-at-home parents who find it a challenge to load up the kids and car seats to get the family pet(s) to the Veterinary.

  3. Multi-pet households.

  4. Seniors and pet owners of any age who need to arrange for a ride to take your pet to the vet.

  5. Pet owners who find it a challenge to schedule a veterinary appointment without taking time off work.

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House Call Veterinarian

(serving Stanislaus County residents)


Love My Patients


What Pet Owners Say

"Kind & Loving"

Dr. Lola has been absolutely amazing with all of our pets and with us. She is thorough, kind and loving.

Rebekah Rose

"Great Service"

We have a cat and a dog who both get very anxious and she's able to calm them. Our animals love her and so do we!

Kiera McCurdy

"Very Professional"

When our old German Shepherd Dog was nearing the end, she exhausted all possibilities and made sure we all got the time and care we needed.

Frank Remkiewicz

We are currently not accepting New Clients or New Patients until mid-July.  
We will be closed this summer from June 6-July 8 

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