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Senior Pet Supportive Care

Senior pets can especially benefit from the services of a mobile veterinarian. If your animal suffers from any chronic conditions that affect their mobility, it can be difficult to get them into a clinic for their checkups. And as our pets age, they tend to require specialized veterinary care more regularly than in their younger years. Instead of having them try to get comfortable on the hard floors of a waiting room, it may be time to consider contacting Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care for your senior pet’s medical needs.


Getting old is never easy, but it doesn’t need to be as stressful for your pet as it may have been in the past. We offer supportive care to your senior pets, including home fluid infusion and periodic injections, depending on their individual needs. Certain conditions, such as diabetes, cancerous growths and arthritis, tend to appear as our pets age. With proper supportive care, your animal may have many more healthy and happy years by your side.

Some medical conditions require advanced tools to detect or treat. For some cases, we may need to refer you to a local brick and mortar practice for diagnostic X-rays, ultrasound, and larger surgical procedures that are outside our capabilities in a house call practice. Partnering with local veterinary clinics allows us to offer fully comprehensive veterinary care to our patients.

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