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Please pay attention to the date and time you are scheduling as appointments are being scheduled as far as 2-3 weeks in advance. If your pet’s medical issue requires more urgent attention than the schedule can accommodate, please proceed to a Veterinary Urgent Care facility, and DO NOT schedule a future appointment expecting an earlier date to become available. Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care does NOT keep a running cancellation list.

Full payment of services is required after the visit is completed and all charges have been accumulated. Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care provides no subscription-based services at this time. No third party, has access to your payment information.  Accepted forms of payment  are online through Zelle, with Visa or MasterCard at the time of service, or cash.  We do not bill or accept checks.

Appointments may be rescheduled or cancelled within a reasonable time frame prior to an appointment. Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to charge a $50 cancellation fee to cover transaction costs if an appointment is cancelled within 24 hours, or rescheduled greater than two times without direct communication with Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care. If an appointment is cancelled by mutual agreement, before the 24-hour period prior to the appointment, then no cancellation fee will be charged.

We attempt to arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled appointment time. However, at some times of the day and with short notice, Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care may need to modify or reschedule appointment times to accommodate traffic patterns in the area. We will make every reasonable attempt to contact you, and to personally modify the appointment time. Please enter your contact information carefully into the appointment calendar. If necessary, you will be contacted by text (preferred), email, and/or a phone call.

Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care, at its sole discretion, may charge a $25 prescription fee for approving any medication ordered from or called into any third-party pharmacy. We make every attempt to provide prescribed medications at competitive prices to avoid this time-consuming process of having to deal with third party pharmacies.   As per California law, you may request a written prescription for medications AT THE TIME of your appointment.

We bill for the process of filling out insurance forms and for speaking with insurance companies or pet pharmacies at a rate of $200 per hour with a minimum fee of $25. If you have pet insurance, please tell us before or at time of service, and you will be provided with the information to be submitted to your insurance carrier.

Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to refuse service to any client. We make every attempt to communicate a treatment plan that is best for the client and patient, but sometimes unavoidable conflicts arise.  A functional Veterinarian/Client/Patient Relationship (VCPR) is based on trust and good communication, if neither exists adequately then the relationship will be terminated at the discretion of Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care.


From time to time and at any time, additional policies may be added and these policies may be modified.

Rev. 2/20/2022  FFA

Due to a family medical issue, we are currently not accepting New Clients or New Patients until August.

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