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Wellness Exams

Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care provides convenient and thorough animal wellness exams in the comfort of your own home. Do you have difficulties transporting your cat or dog to the vet’s office for a regular checkup? With our increasingly busy lives and ever-growing list of responsibilities, it’s easy to let those general exams go by the wayside. We can forget that one year for humans is the equivalent of many more in cats and dogs, and that those annual wellness  exams are necessary for making sure that our pets stay happy and healthy.


Dr. Lola's Veterinary Care uses IDEXX Reference Laboratory to perform age-appropriate diagnostic blood work, urinalyses, and internal parasite checks. IDEXX is the top Veterinary Reference Laboratory in the world, offering the latest in molecular diagnostics for your pet.  This allows us to catch problems in their earliest stages, which often translates into more effective treatments down the road and many more happy years with your pet. It’s often much more cost effect for owners as well to treat an early-stage disease.

During wellness exams, we usually provide Bravecto 3-month flea and tick prevention as well as Sentinel Spectrum for the prevention of heartworm and intestinal parasites in dogs and Bravecto Plus 2-month flea/tick/heartworm prevention in cats. This type of preventive medicine is the offense to prevent chronic health issues in the future. We can also refill any medications for your pet’s chronic diseases at the time of our visit, making it a comprehensive and convenient home care option.

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